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Regina is a beautiful oasis on the prairies with a steadily growing population exceeding 200,000. Regina is known for…

Photo of  Regina community

Small Town Living

Photo of Small Town Living community

Resort / Cottages

Photo of Resort / Cottages community


Photo of Commercial  community

Glen Elm Park

Photo of Glen Elm Park community

Eastview Rg

Photo of Eastview Rg community

Dominion Heights Rg

Photo of Dominion Heights Rg community

Douglas Place

Photo of Douglas Place community

Cathedral Rg

Photo of Cathedral Rg community

Douglas Park

Photo of Douglas Park community

Downtown District

Photo of Downtown District community

Arnhem Place

Photo of Arnhem Place community

General Hospital

Photo of General Hospital community

Broders Annex

Photo of Broders Annex community

Gladmer Park

Photo of Gladmer Park community


Photo of Creekside community

Harbour Landing

Photo of Harbour Landing community

East Pointe Estates

Photo of East Pointe Estates community

Warehouse District

Photo of Warehouse District community

Gardiner Heights

Photo of Gardiner Heights community

Albert Park

Photo of Albert Park community

Gardiner Park

Photo of Gardiner Park community

Washington Park

Photo of Washington Park community


Photo of Glencairn community


Photo of Crescents community

Glencairn Village

Photo of Glencairn Village community


Photo of Transition community

Greens On Gardiner

Photo of Greens On Gardiner community


Photo of Hillsdale community

Parkridge Rg

Photo of Parkridge Rg community

Argyle Park

Photo of Argyle Park community

Richmond Place

Photo of Richmond Place community

Lakeview Rg

Photo of Lakeview Rg community

River Bend

Photo of River Bend community

Dieppe Place

Photo of Dieppe Place community

Spruce Meadows

Photo of Spruce Meadows community

Parliament Place

Photo of Parliament Place community

The Creeks

Photo of The Creeks community


Photo of Engelwood community

The Towns

Photo of The Towns community

River Heights Rg

Photo of River Heights Rg community

University Park

Photo of University Park community


Photo of Edgewater community

Varsity Park

Photo of Varsity Park community

Whitmore Park

Photo of Whitmore Park community

Wascana View

Photo of Wascana View community

Garden Ridge

Photo of Garden Ridge community

Windsor Park

Photo of Windsor Park community

Normandy Heights

Photo of Normandy Heights community

Wood Meadows

Photo of Wood Meadows community

Fairways West

Photo of Fairways West community

Woodland Grove

Photo of Woodland Grove community


Photo of Hawkstone community

Mount Royal Rg

Photo of Mount Royal Rg community

Alice Beach

Photo of Alice Beach community

Kensington Green

Photo of Kensington Green community


Photo of Normanview community


Photo of Lakeridge community

Normanview West

Photo of Normanview West community


Photo of Balcarres community


Photo of Lakewood community

Pioneer Village

Photo of Pioneer Village community

Maple Ridge

Photo of Maple Ridge community

Regent Park

Photo of Regent Park community

Bratt’s Lake Rm No. 129

Photo of Bratt’s Lake Rm No. 129 community

Mccarthy Park

Photo of Mccarthy Park community


Photo of Rosemont community

Rochdale Park

Photo of Rochdale Park community


Photo of Westerra community


Photo of Bulyea community

Sherwood Estates

Photo of Sherwood Estates community

Westhill Park

Photo of Westhill Park community


Photo of Skyview community

Westhill Rg

Photo of Westhill Rg community


Photo of Chamberlain community


Photo of Uplands community


Photo of Mcnab community


Balgonie is a town located in the White Butte area of south-eastern Saskatchewan. Balgonie has a Subway restaurant, 2…

Photo of Balgonie community

Walsh Acres

Photo of Walsh Acres community


Photo of Cupar community

Cornation Park

Photo of Cornation Park community

Pilot Butte

Welcome to Pilot Butte, a town of approximately 2000 residents, a community on the move to the future. Pilot Butte, j…

Photo of Pilot Butte community

Churchill Downs

Photo of Churchill Downs community


Photo of Dilke community


Photo of Cityview community

White City/Emerald Park

White City is a commuter town in the White Butte area of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. White City is 10 kilo…

Photo of White City/Emerald Park community

Highland Park

Photo of Highland Park community

Echo Lake

Photo of Echo Lake community


Photo of Skywood community


Lumsden is a town in the Qu'Appelle Valley in south central part of Saskatchewan 31 km northwest of Regina.The town f…

Photo of Lumsden community

Twin Lakes

Photo of Twin Lakes community


Photo of Edgeley community


Milestone is a town in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada, on Saskatchewan Highway 39. The town was named after C. W. Mil…

Photo of Milestone community

Fort San

Photo of Fort San community

Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, incorporated as a city in 1903, population 32,724 (2016 census), 32,546 (2011 census). The c…

Photo of Moose Jaw community


Photo of Gibbs community

Pense/Grand Coulee

Pense is a town of 532 residents in the southern part of Saskatchewan, Canada. Heading west from Regina on the Trans …

Photo of Pense/Grand Coulee community

Indian Head

Photo of Indian Head community

Katepwa Beach

Photo of Katepwa Beach community


Photo of Lang community

Lipton Rm No. 217

Photo of Lipton Rm No. 217 community

Mckillop Rm No. 130

Photo of Mckillop Rm No. 130 community

Mission Lake

Photo of Mission Lake community

North Qu’appelle Rm No. 187

Photo of North Qu’appelle Rm No. 187 community


Photo of Ogema community


Photo of Pense community

Redburn Rm No. 130

Photo of Redburn Rm No. 130 community


Photo of Rouleau community


Photo of Sedley community


Photo of Sintaluta community


Photo of Southey community

Sun Dale

Photo of Sun Dale community


Photo of Wolseley community


Photo of Avonlea community

Belle Plaine

Photo of Belle Plaine community

Buena Vista

Photo of Buena Vista community


Photo of Caron community


Photo of Coppersands community

Cupar Rm No. 190

Photo of Cupar Rm No. 190 community


Photo of Edenwold community

Elmsthorpe Rm No. 100

Photo of Elmsthorpe Rm No. 100 community


Photo of Francis community


Photo of Govan community

Island View

Photo of Island View community


Photo of Kronau community

Last Mountain Lake East Side

Photo of Last Mountain Lake East Side community

Longlaketon Rm No. 219

Photo of Longlaketon Rm No. 219 community


Photo of Mclean community

Montmartre Norton Rm No. 69

Photo of Montmartre Norton Rm No. 69 community


Photo of Pangman community

Pense Rm No. 160

Photo of Pense Rm No. 160 community

Regina Beach

Photo of Regina Beach community

Saskatchewan Beach

Photo of Saskatchewan Beach community

Sherwood Rm No. 159

Photo of Sherwood Rm No. 159 community

Sorenson Beach

Photo of Sorenson Beach community

St. Joseph’s

Photo of St. Joseph’s community


Photo of Vibank community


Photo of Yellowgrass community

Baildon Rm No. 131

Photo of Baildon Rm No. 131 community


Photo of Bethune community

Buffalo Pound Lake

Photo of Buffalo Pound Lake community


Photo of Caronport community


Photo of Craven community

Deer Valley

Photo of Deer Valley community


Photo of Dysart community

Edenwold Rm No. 158

Photo of Edenwold Rm No. 158 community

Fort Qu’appelle

Photo of Fort Qu’appelle community

Francis Rm No. 127

Photo of Francis Rm No. 127 community

Grandview Beach

Photo of Grandview Beach community

Kannata Valley

Photo of Kannata Valley community

Lajord Rm No. 18

Photo of Lajord Rm No. 18 community


Photo of Lebret community

Lumsden Rm No. 189

Photo of Lumsden Rm No. 189 community

Moose Jaw Rm No. 161

Photo of Moose Jaw Rm No. 161 community


Photo of Odessa community

Pasqua Lake

Photo of Pasqua Lake community


Photo of Qu’appelle community


Photo of Riceton community

Scott Rm No. 98

Photo of Scott Rm No. 98 community


Photo of Silton community

South Qu’appelle Rm No. 157

Photo of South Qu’appelle Rm No. 157 community


Photo of Strasbourg community


Photo of Wilcox community

Central Regina

Photo of Central Regina community